Shows the real state of the company and helps to make the right decisions, regardless of Your plans – to sell, buy or to optimize the business.

As well aware of all the companies’ processes, we can start from scratch – collecting data and preparing documentation. We can start from “the end” also – checking whether your business vision is real. However, in most of the cases we act consistently – from beginning to the end, because the right preparation is always better than the correction of errors! Business plans and investment projects prepared by us will be an effective tool in communication with the banks, investors and Invega or EU support distributing funds.

Starting from the right product cost calculation and up to comprehensive efficiency according to Lean system (staff productivity and equipment efficiency increase, losses elimination and processes standardization, inventory management and quality improvement, appropriate maintenance organization, etc). Using these techniques, Toyota has become the world leader. Why your company couldn’t be the one of the leaders?

If this process is not managed properly, company may be vegetating or even collapse. Everything is done by people and we can help you to select the proper candidates, distribute, train and motivate them. Encouragement in our case covers creation of proper payment system starting from timing of process up to rationing.


• Opening and development of foreign company’s branch (distribution of plastic raw materials, IT training branch network)
• Recovery of bankrupting company (confectionery; beer and soft drinks production)

• CFO functions (regional logistics company)
• Analysts-business controller, treasury function (waste recycling company)

• Analysis and Forecasting of poultry processing company activities
• Costs modelling and calculation, payroll system creation (fish processing company)

• Preparation of business plans, market and competition analysis (production, services, commercial companies)
• Preparation of EU support project (sauces production company)
• Restructuring of company’s financial liabilities
• Preparation of investment projects
• Analysis of business alternatives
• Company evaluation before obtaining or selling it
• Searching for proper company as investment object
• Integrated Business Development Consulting

• Market research projects (foreign production and trading companies)
• Analysis of production realizing opportunities
• Presentation of opportunities to represent foreign companies

• Evaluation of business plans (Business Plan Competition jury member)
• Trainer of business idea generation and business plan preparation training (Counselling of Visaginas community on small business development issues)

Darius Motiejūnas

CEO / Founder

”The man who achieves makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all – doing nothing’’

Coliseum Ventures

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Vilnius, Lithuania

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